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Benefits of Working at Great North

Our reach provides an abundance of opportunities to grow and develop our employees. Additionally, our local roots have created a positive culture and working environment.

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Our Employee Life

We believe in developing and leading individuals of different experience levels. This approach helps them succeed in their careers, while encouraging them to bring their best selves to work every day.

We encourage our employees to develop their business knowledge and continuously expand their level of experience. Additionally, our collection of projects and clients provide unique and interesting challenges. These challenges spark innovative solutions from a diverse group of talented individuals while enabling growth in the process.

The Redco Group is filled with a great depth and breadth of experience. Moreover, this is shared by experienced and long serving employees. These employees have allowed us to support and manage new employees and support them as they mature within the company more effectively.

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We believe in creating a culture that focuses on its employees and customers. Additionally, it’s important to continuously improve and find ways to meet customers’ needs while upholding company standards and safety requirements to aid and support our employees.

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Perks & Benefits

We prioritize perks and benefits and provide our employees with:

  • Competitive Health and Dental plan
  • Life Insurance and dependant life
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • Prescription drugs
  • Extended health and dental
  • Out of country travel and emergency travel insurance
  • Health Spending Account


We want to recognize our employees’ efforts on a frequent basis to convey our pride and gratitude for their work and effort. Therefore, our policies promote rewarding our employees in meaningful ways. Some methods include fun team events, BBQ’s and celebrations over meals, our employee referral program, providing training and development offerings, life event celebrations, and more!

We believe that our team is clear on its goals and are incentivized through a competitive compensation structure and recognition program. With that foundation, we can apply our character to define how we will achieve those goals.

Training & Development

We support and challenge our teams to achieve their full potential in their careers. This includes formal training and learning as well as on-the-job training. Additionally, we provide opportunity to discuss and share ideas across departments and sites. We offer internal and external courses, coaching and mentoring. Overall, the learning and development of our employees is key as we believe their success is also ours.

Career Growth

Building a career does not happen quickly. While our diverse projects and colleagues provide a strong platform to learn through experience, we want to give more. We provide opportunities to help our employees grow their skills through professional development opportunities, performance reviews, succession planning and more!

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