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Completions Solutions

Multi-Well Frac Connector

With the continued push towards optimization and efficiency in frac technology, our customers challenged us to develop new ways to manage their completions. The MWFC system allows a continues flow loop that not only reduces downtime during operations but greatly reduces the number of connectors, thereby reducing risk to the field staff on site.

Aerial view of wellhead equipment and completions solutions in the field

Frac Ball Launching

With a key acquisition in 2021, GNWF gained access to innovative technology that expands our ability to support Dart to Frac Ball Launching (Frac Ball & Dart Launching). As part of this expansion, GNWF gained a valuable team of product experts to ensure field service excellence. This expanded offering, coupled with our MWFC technology and existing frac tree systems allows GNWF to offer a full suite of completions support for our customers.

Equipment Rentals

Great North carries a comprehensive inventory of rental equipment for ball drop, plug and perf, and coil tubing frac operations, and is proud to offer cost-efficient daily and monthly rentals.

Trust our team of qualified and experienced personnel to complete all installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Equipmental Details

Frac Support

We understand that maintaining the operational integrity of all high-pressure equipment during completion operations is essential. Every Great North frac head is built and installed by our dedicated team of expert technicians.

Additional Services & Support