About the Multi-Well Frac Connector

The Multi-Well Frac Connector (MWFC) is efficient and flexible. It reduces the total number of valves required and delivers quicker times between fracs. It is also sized for any range of pump rate and is adaptable to any well spacing or completions program.


How the MWFC Works

GN - MWFC- Poster- 2023
  • Consistent rig in procedure year round
  • Valves at the tree make it easy for heat enclosures
  • Looped variable flow design allows for circulation during shutdowns
  • Steel rated to -75°C
  • Inconsistent rig in due to winter conditions
  • Main supply line requires additional heating sources
  • No built-in circulation options
  • Delivers 30% more slurry velocity
  • No erosion through the system
  • No sand offs/fallout
  • Sand settles at surface due to decreased velocity in the main line, causing irregular erosion and dead legs/sand offs
Well Swaps
  • Reduced number of valves reduces valve operations
  • Reduced valve maintenance
  • 1-2 minute turnarounds
Well Swaps
  • Increased valves and increased valve operations and maintenance, resulting in slower well swaps
Designed for This
  • Isolation at well for all operations
  • No fracing against closed valves, facing past valves is the new norm
  • Frac safe and frac efficient
  • Reduces rig in time by 25%
Outdated Design
  • More valves guarantee more time spent on the critical path
  • Unnecessary force put on iron
  • Inefficient “one size fits all” design
  • Increased rig in time and heavy logistical costs

Key Features of the Multi-Well Frac Connector

Fit for Purpose



Continuous Flow

Valve Configuration