Environmental. Social. Governance.​

We strive to be industry stewards in reducing our adverse environmental impact through progressive sustainable initiatives.

"Great North is a proudly Canadian company who is contributing to a sustainable future by operating with integrity, proactively focusing on environmental responsibility and supporting our local communities. "

Stephen Forberg | Vice President – Great North

Responsible Energy

  • Prioritize responsible energy consumption with supply chain and everyone that we do business with
  • Reduction of emissions throughout the organization

ESG Measurable

Calculation of the GHG emissions reduction
based on weight of steel

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Building a supportive and open working environment
  • Value diversity and inclusion as essential to our innovation and creativity

ESG Measurable

Percentage of women in the workplace

Indigenous Awareness

  • Equitable access to employment
  • Continued engagement of indigenous communities
  • Provide cultural awareness training at all levels

ESG Measurable

Total hours of indigenous awareness training company wide

Community Involvement

  • Continued enrichment of local communities
  • Contribute through both monetary and volunteer donations

ESG Measurable

Organizations we’ve worked with or contributed to within the communities we operate

  • Safety for anyone that works along side us

  • Continuous program improvement

  • Protection for our employees

ESG Measurable

Amount of employee training time. Health and safety measures

  • Continuous improvement of our management and safety management

  • Adhere to the national and international standards

ESG Measurable

Keeping qualifications and licences up to date

Re-manufactured Equipment Utilization

  • Utilization of remanufactured equipment

  • Continue practice to reduce our carbon footprint

ESG Measurable

Amount of steel (by weight) that we are able to save from scrap combined with the reduction of new builds