Quality, Health and Safety

We firmly believe that our customers deserve the highest quality equipment and the most reliable service in the industry – and we’re well-positioned to meet and exceed those expectations. We are also committed to the health and safety of all employees, business partners, and the public.

We back our commitment to quality, health and safety through continuous best practice reviews and improvements.

Health and Safety

Since inception, Great North has been committed to the health and safety of our stakeholders. These stakeholders include, but are not limited to, employees, contractors, clients, the public, our supply chain, and our investors. Great North ensures that our representatives and equipment are fit for service through adherence to our management system requirements. The goal of our safety management system is to maintain an incident free workplace.

To achieve this goal, Great North’s safety management system is COR certified, and complies with government regulations, industry standards, and internal policies and procedures. Employees and contractors at all levels of the organization are responsible for ensuring that the safety programs are continually maintained and improved upon as required. KPI’s are regularly tracked, reported, and reviewed.

Our Safety Priorities

Service excellence program

Health & safety committee

Emergency Response Plan



Continuous Improvement

Employee & contractor engagement

Membership to safety programs

Workers shown amongst equipment with focus on quality, health and safety

Technician Competency

Our competency program determines our service technician’s capability to use a specific set of related
knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform critical work functions or tasks in a
defined work setting. We’ve incorporated quality and safety into our competency program to ensure our
service technicians deliver a superior product to our end user.

We determine our service technician’s capabilities with tailored performance criteria to each individual
position and task to ensure the utmost competence in our workers.

We’ve incorporated a big brother program within our competency program that enables our senior
service technicians to verify a technician’s capabilities in specific tasks with certificates.

Certificates & Memberships


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Alberta Construction Safety Association Certificate of Recognition


API Cert.

API Licence


ComplyWorks Membership


IsNetWorld Membership


APEGGA Certification

Quality Policy Statement

Great North Wellhead & Frac (GNWF) continually strives to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, both internal and external.

In pursuance of this, GNWF has developed and implemented Quality Objectives to continually challenge and improve all aspects of our established Quality Management System (QMS).

GNWF shall continually provide customer value and satisfaction in product and service to best represent our customer’s needs and expectations, applicable regulations, and current requirements of API 6A and ISO 9001.

Prioritizing Quality

World-Class Leadership
World-Class Leadership

The entire leadership team has extensive history, knowledge and experience building and growing both the business and the team members they look after and is aligned in their message of growth.

Employee Development
Employee Development

Great North is committed to the staff that make us who we are. This commitment is shown by employee training, competitive wages and benefits, succession planning and a review and recognition program.

Continuous Improvement
Continual Improvement

Through involvement of employees at all levels of the organization, we continuously provide and improve the value of our process, products and services in order to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations.

Ongoing Compliance & Integrity
Ongoing Compliance & Integrity

In the interest of our stakeholders, customers, vendors and the public, our various management systems are maintained to meet the requirements of national and international standards.